Hey dolls! Before I get started, I figured I should probably provide a little bit more information about myself! I am a freshman at Drury University with plans of transferring next year & pursuing a career in fashion journalism.

I have worked at a law firm part-time all throughout highschool-present & will continue to work there until this summer when my office scenery takes a turn for the outdoors. After 11 summers of being a camper, I will finally be able to work as a counselor at Kanakuk K-7. For those of you who don’t know, Kanakuk is a series of Christian sports camps & have a reputation of being the happiest places on earth.

I am the oldest of six kids & have two parents that are still madly in love (25 years and counting).

Here we all are: Me (19) Brock (16) Annie (13) Allie (12) Kadie (9) Kanon (9)

Stephens Photography- Bolivar MO

Stephens Photography- Bolivar MO

These kiddos are no doubt my most prized possessions & I cherish each one of them for their individual personalities & the joy that they bring to my life.

My next introduction belongs to my plus one, Mr. Seth Shockley. He is my best friend & boyfriend. He daily reminds me the importance of inner beauty & inspires me to reach my greatest potential.

(Side note to all my ladies out there—this is a great quality to find in a man)


I have a beautiful little puppy named Ellie Bear & she is my snuggle bug. She likes to think she is a fierce lion, but her little size makes her the sweetest little teddy bear. We are best buds.

IMG_2928A few more random favorites of mine include: glitter, Sleepless in Seattle, Meg Ryan, Pretty Little Liars, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Marilyn Monroe, grilled chicken, Glamour magazine, Thunder basketball, shopping trips, hot yoga, long hair, layering, Ben Rector, clean eating, fake glasses, Miller McNeil Woodruff, puppy snuggles, goodnight texts, wedges, blowouts, statement jewelry, pageants, New York City, hot tea, running, Brigitte Bardot, sunsets, & the ever so popular–walks on the beach.