Blair Waldorf is a name that Gossip Girl fans, like myself, are obsessed with.

Her class and style are not hard to miss & definitely the influence behind today’s outfit.


Blair is notoriously known for her vibrant patterns that are full of detail and color schemes that are sure to be eye-catching. For me, this shirt exemplified both of those qualifications.


This shirt holds so many beautiful details and colors. Styled by Staxx, this necklace brings out the stunning shades of sea foam and makes for such a great Spring statement piece.




The remaining details that pulled together my outfit were my Target Emerald Green (Pantone Color of the Year!) heels and a couple neon bangles to spice things up a bit.


Just as Blair says herself, “Fashion knows not of comfort all that matters is the face you show to the world.” Risk a standout pattern this spring, and embrace your inner Upper East Side.