Face Products I Love

Every girl has their go-to products for skincare. From cleansing to prepping for bed, my skin is a constant focus of my beauty routine. Alongside a good outfit, nothing beats the clear complexion and a glow that only comes from clean, happy skin.

Here are five of my favorite skincare products:

One: Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair– Talk about a great product. This is applied right before bed to combat the discoloration of your skin tone and continues working throughout the night while you sleep the redness away.

Two: Philosophy Purity Face Wash– My dear friend, Kate, introduced me to this product a couple years back and I couldn’t be more in love. It is a simple facial cleanser that targets the makeup and dirt that builds up in your pores throughout the day. One use of this product and you will immediately notice how soft and clean your skin feels.

Three: Philosophy Hope in a Jar– A sister product of the Purity face wash, this is a miracle worker. Hope in a Jar combats the dry, rugged skin that winter ensures. It is a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer that can be put on at any time of the day.

Four: Neutrogena Makeup Remover Wipes– As a college student on the go, I am always looking for whatever is cheap and time efficient. These fit the category perfectly. For the nights I am too lazy to complete my whole face routine, these are a lifesaver. They effectively remove dirt and makeup and leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed!

Five: Clinque Moisture Surge– For the days and nights that my skin cries out for moisture relief, this is my favorite product. This product leaves your skin feeling completely refreshed as it provides your skin with immediate moisture.

I would love to know, what are your favorite skincare products?