Mixing different textures and patterns is a unique and fun way to incorporate variety in your outfit.

For this particular one, I chose to pair my striped Target skirt with a Show Me Your Mumu top (local retailer Staxx).

Mixing patterns can be tricky, but if done correctly it can produce amazing combinations and results.


A general rule for mixing patterns: Vary the Scale of Your Patterns. Combining two or more large patterns have the tendency to make the model look wider and larger whereas two small patterns appear too busy. A solid neutral is a great way to create separation and balance between the two patterns, exampled here by the black belt.

Black and white striped pieces are possibly the easiest when it comes to mixing patterns. In this outfit, I was able to get away with the bohemian style print of the top by pairing it with a simple striped skirt that incorporated black and white accents throughout the entire style. Because this outfit involved lots of details, I skimped on jewelry and ended my look with a classic, strappy wedge.


I would love to hear your opinion! What are your favorite pattern/texture combinations?

P.S. Thank you again, Miss Chloe Robinson for your beautiful photography.