Meet one of my best friends: Maddie Baumann.

We have been together from the early years of elementary school and have grown closer and sassier ever since.

She basically is my other half.


One of my absolute favorite things about this girl is her knack for style.

From crazy lucky finds at thrift stores to the prettiest dresses, she is able to pull off everything the average person cannot.

(And by “pulls off”, I mean she absolutely rocks them.)

These pictures basically describe us.


Nothing is better on a snowy day than a cozy cardigan, coffee, and a best friend.

I chose a Wildfox tee, some leggings, a pair of boots & a Free People cardigan.

Maddie chose a striped cardigan, a “Mits the Tits” bro tank, American Eagle jeans, and some killer flats.

Such a testament to our personalities and unique sense of style.


Some times it is the little things in life that make it so beautiful.

Together we share a love for fashion and though so alike, we are so different.

I guess that’s what makes style so unique.

What a fun way to express personality and make a statement, all without saying a single spoken word.

P.S. Thank you so much Chloe Robinson for these pictures. You are seriously so appreciated.