As I sit here in the cafe of a local bookstore, I have watched my photographer, Corinne Day, sort through the results of today’s blog shoot. She quickly scans through her work and determines those worthy of blog & trash bin. While I wait, I anxiously flip through this month’s UK edition of Elle Magazine and begin brainstorming the theme behind my next blog post.

Frazzled, I sit here puzzled. Nothing seems to be worth writing about.

Every topic I have come up with has its limitations: too dull, too complicated, too obscure, etc, etc, etc.

Every option seemed to bring thoughts of disapproval from both myself & my probable future reader.

DSC_0019A few days ago while watching my favorite of SATC, Carrie Bradshaw proposed the question, “Why do we only believe the bad reviews about ourself?”

How true is that?

The past few weeks I have been so blessed by your support in reading and sharing my blog. I have been overwhelmed by how sweet the feedback has been and I get so excited each and every week to get back into writing & sharing a little bit more of my life & style with my readers. But I can’t ignore the fear of “bad reviews” and disappointing statistics in doing so.


Why do I let the amount of traffic my site gets each week determine how I feel about myself?

Silly right?

But we all do it.

In striving to reach our goals, whether that be to be the best mom, smartest student, most successful worker (etc) we often find ourselves wrapped up in the reviews of others.

As I style, pose, and write each blog post, I am always aware that there is someone who won’t like it.

Because let’s be real, life is full of bad audiences.


But without the bad, how would you be able to appreciate the good?

There is a reader for every book,

a fan for every player,

 a supporter for every cause,

a melody for every composer,

and a reason for every person.

Find yours. Embrace it. And let all else fall by the way side.


“Storms make trees take deeper roots”

P.S. As always, a special thanks to Corinne Day & Staxx for making this post possible.

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