IMG_2909Let’s recap, shall we?

Tonight: I just got done chucking a Taco Bell burrito at my best friend all for the sake of a good Snapchat.

In celebration I accidentally burned not one, but two bags of popcorn.

Yesterday: I took a friend I met on Tinder to a talent show at a college neither of us attend. My best friend, Hannah, tagged along to support a “mutual” friend who I met just briefly this summer while standing in a hot, sweaty field trying to take a giant staff picture. His performance involved his roommate, 1 beach ball, 2 tutus, 0 shirts, and “Turn Around Bright Eyes.” I also sat on a wasp.

Monday Night: I went on a nature hike with Hannah all for the sake of a good Instagram picture and the chance to model strut down the boardwalks aka runways at the Nature Center.

Sunday Night: Mario Cart N-64 Party in our apartment.

(I burned the cookies we were supposed to eat.)

Saturday Night: I rescued my sister from the dock in fear of a looming “mountain lion,” (actual small house cat.) I then drove around with my brother while he wore a Hilary Clinton mask and I sported a corresponding horse mask. We made a young child cry & two grandparents nearly have a heart attack due to overwhelming laughter.

(All while singing, “Wrecking Ball” at the top of our lungs.)

Friday Night: Hannah and I road tripped it down to Fayetteville (a 2.5 hour drive) to stay for hardly an hour and then come right back.

Why? Because we could. 


If you haven’t taken the time to laugh at yourself today, please join with me.

Do I look like Ellen DeGenerous + Snoop Dog in these pictures? Maybe. But hey, that’s okay. In fact, in the latest Glee Episode, Kurt Hummel tried to steal my look:


Life is way more fun when you let go of the concept of being perfect all of the time.

Making memories, falling to the ground in laughter, and chucking 7-layer burritos at your best friend is far more fun than be “normal.”

Maybe I don’t sleep a whole lot and happen to procrastinate the heck out of every homework assignment given to me, but I love every single minute I spend being ridiculous with those I love.

That’s what life is all about.



In fashion and in life, take risks.

Be bold. Be powerful.

Be ridiculous. Be spontaneous.

 Be you.               _______________________________________________________________________

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A special thanks to my beautiful photographer, Chloe Robinson. Miss you already!