get-attachment.aspxAsk me where I spend most of my time these days and without hesitation I could easily tell you, “In my car.”
They say when you are traveling, you are either running from something or towards something.
Easy to say, incredibly difficult to admit.
In my case, I could give reason for both.
I never walk out the door to leave for a trip the same person as I do when I walk back in.
It’s a goal, it’s a challenge, and it has become inevitable.
I think it would be fair to say that I have never been bound by any unnecessary rules or restrictions. Growing up at home I had a curfew, responsibilities, and expectations to uphold in my school work and my extra curriculars. All of these were put in place by my parents to guide me and help to grow me into the person I am today. Very rarely did I ever try to push these boundaries or fail to pay consequences for stepping outside of these rules and expectations.
After all, it seemed like my greatest restraint was not them but rather myself.
I laugh when I think about who I am today compared to who I was a year, even 6 months, ago. Whether it be due to time or circumstances, I am not at all the girl I used to be. In fact, so much so that I almost don’t know who I am anymore.
And that’s the part I love most.
I’ve always been one for plans and assurance.
These days, I’m learning to dwell in quite the opposite.
I’ve given up trying to map out every detail of my life, but instead have let the map detail my life.
Every adventure leads me to understand a little bit more of myself and who I want to be. Every wrong turn, every bad experience, and every bit of opposition I have faced while doing so, has shown me the same.
I trade a little bit of my heart in for a little piece of myself at every destination.
And I have never been happier.
I have never laughed, never cried, never sang, never danced, never lived more in my life.
The person who sits here writing this post is no longer confined by the girl I once was.
I have been set free.
A special thanks to Corinne Day who rocked this shoot on her iPhone.
Top & Leggings: BCBGMaxAzria
Necklace: Forever 21
Shoes: Target