DSC_0025I used to keep a stash of peanut butter crackers in my glove box knowing that it was likely that I would run into a hungry homeless man or woman on the corner while I was out driving through town or running errands after work.

One particularly hot, summer’s day I was driving home from the pool when I noticed a homeless man standing at the end of the highway exit I was approaching. Cars in front of me casually ignored his cardboard hunger plea and drove on past with each green light. As I inched closer, I grabbed a pack of crackers from my glove box, wrapped a $5 bill I had lying on the dash around it, and fastened it together with a silly band I had hanging around my rearview mirror. Slightly proud of the “care package” I had assembled, I anxiously awaited each changing light in hopes of making his day.


I called out to the man as he began to walk further down the street in hopes of finding better luck at a slower intersection. As the man turned around and began approaching my car to take the crackers I had held out the window, the light turned green and with a line of honking cars waiting impatiently behind me, I had no choice but to chuck the crackers in his general direction and be on my way.

Unfortunately in this instance, “his general direction” translated to “I have never thrown a package of crackers harder at an elderly, homeless man in my entire life.”

Hitting the man square in the face, the crackers did not alleviate this man from any pain or hunger, but rather inflicted a very probable black eye and a newfound need of ice and a bottle of aspirin.



There is a very unlikely chance I will ever have the “opportunity” to feel as much guilt and horror as I did in that moment, ever again.

Ask anyone that knows me, and I would bet ya they would side with me in saying that I would never intentionally throw a package of crackers, wrapped in a $5 bill and a silly band at an elderly, homeless man’s face on the corner of Sunshine and Highway 65 in Springfield, Missouri in the middle of summer 2011.

Maybe summer 2010.

Anyways, my point is that in that moment I had the purest of intentions. This was the exact opportunity I had been hoping for since the day I placed those darn crackers in my glove box. As you can see…things didn’t go quite as I had hoped.


As you might have noticed, I took kind of a blogging hiatus the past couple months.

Was that originally the plan? Eh, no not really but hey…I’m back.

 I have every intention of getting back on a weekly schedule to share life, style, and laughs with each of y’all once again and I hope you will join with me to do just that.


For those of you who are wondering, I’ve looked for that man on every street corner and behind every cardboard sign I’ve passed around town since that day.

Last week I saw him. Eye patch and all.

Just kidding.


As always, a dear and special thanks to Miss Corinne Day for these pictures and for teaching me to fall in love with Missouri, time and time again.

Additional outfit information can be provided as requested.

Dress: Baglady Boutique

Kimono: Nordstrom

Shoes: Target

Ring: Samantha Wills at Staxx